Frank gets agressive in the first episod of the Real World San Diego when someone in a Pacific Beach bar calls him a "Faggot."

La Jolla residents were disappointed as they¬† eagerly watched the first episode of the new 2011 cast of MTV’s Real World San Diego last Wednesday night. Cast member Frank known as Hurricane Frank for his violence and agressive personality lost his cool while in Beachwood bar located in Pacific Beach. He was clearly aggitated when an unknown girl was drinking at their VIP serviced table. He asked her to stop drinking their alcohol and they got into an arguement. Everything was ok until the women yelled out the word “Faggot” and Frank had to be restrained by crew members from hitting the girl and harrasing her.

When he returned back to the MTV La Jolla house Frank explained how much he hates the word “Faggot” and won’t tolerate it by any means. Viewers are not impressed by his actions and deem him as an uncontrollable source of fear and anger in the house. As we continue watching the season we will learn more about Franks inability to control himself while he is drinking. This is a huge source of frustration for San Diego as they don’t want to be associated with such violence.

We at Titan Movers hope that nothing in the Real World house gets broken while the cast members are living there. Our San Diego movers will be examining the house fully before moving the original owners furniture back in this month. There is alot of work to be done to restore the house to its original state. We will move all of the patio furniture back to the front of the house and restore the net to what was once the rooftop tennis court before Real World replaced it with a life sized chess set.

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