La Jolla resident asked to stop doing construction wile the Real World San Diego cast of 2011 was filming.

Would you stop doing construction on your house because The Real World was filming? Neighbor to the Real World House Heidi Brown told 10 News about her unpleasant encounters with the cast. She has a full view of the cast members house and is sick and tired of the bright lights from filming and the raucous fights. Click here to see the 10 News interview with Heidi Brown.

Brown told ABC that she is trying to finish up construction on her house which will be for sale on the housing market in the coming weeks. She continued construction “It’s not like I haven’t seen this sort of thing before, but it’s not what I would have hoped for in next-door neighbors,” said Brown.

Regardless of MTV’s request Brown continued to finish her construction and employ her gardner. Most San Diego residents would agree that she is doing the right thing by continuing work on her house. Why stop your real life in order to allow such a fake reality life to occur?

Brown cannot wait until our San Diego movers at Titan Movers show up and bring back the original owners furniture and electronics. Brown would agree that she has never wanted a San Diego moving company more in her entire life! She just wants her peaceful neighborhood back and Titan Movers will do the job in the next few weeks! La Jolla has been one of Titan’s favorite areas to serve in San Diego County.


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