The Real World Cast goes tequila surfing at Windansea beach to top off the end of their season. San Diego Titan Movers will move the house in the coming weeks.

Real World San Diego 2011 cast members Nate and Priscilla were spotted drunkenly attempting to surf at Windansea Beach in La Jolla. The two cast members are sad to be moving out of the house as the MTV hit reality show aired their first episode this week. In order to live up the rest of their time in the house they have been drinking heavily and partying which includes tequila surfing.

Insiders at the beach said they saw the two house members taking shots of tequila on the balcony of their La Jolla residence. They then struggled to put on their wetsuits and barely made it down the steep stairs to the beach. Once in the ocean Priscilla lost her board and Nate swam over to help her. However, a huge set rolled in and the two members were caught on a set of dangerous rocks. Everyone knows that the rocks at Windansea are dangerous and you would be crazy to go tequila surfing.

Lifeguards coached the two in order to steer them away from the rocks at the right time ensuring they wouldn’t be taken in by another wave. Unfortunately, this all happened after the show stopped filming so we won’t be seeing this episode on film! San Diego movers Titan movers is getting ready to restore the house to its former glory. They will be moving the original furniture and electronics back into the La Jolla house in the coming weeks.  Do you think Real World San Diego is ruining La Jolla’s pristine reputation? Visit our post here to leave a comment!

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