Is Real World San Diego 2011 ruining La Jolla? Find out as we way the pros and cons of the next series of the Real World set to air this Wednesday Sept. 28 on MTV.

As Real World San Diego is set to air in just 2 days on Wednesday September 28 at 10/9c La Jolla residents are worried about the negative impacts of the reality TV show. The current cast of the Real World has been spotted in San Diego numerous times getting into fights and causing problems according to cast spoilers on You Tube and Vevmo. And who wants San Diego to be associated with San Diego native Pricilla Mendez who flaunts her parents money and breast implants on her introduction to the show.

Cast members Frank Sweeny, 22 and Zach Nichols, 23 have already been caught on tape fighting at Club Fluxx in downtown San Diego in The Gaslamp. Although the video shows the two yelling and threatening to hit a girl outside the club, most MTV viewers will agree that the girl brought on the fight herself. Because there are so many people itching to get their 5 seconds of fame on MTV, people will start a fight in hopes of getting put on the show. Sweeny and Nichols did not let the situation escalate and the two walked away without any severe conflict and are seen as the bigger people.

Most residents of La Jolla say that they are worried about another rape allegation like in the 2003 series of The Real World San Diego. A 22-year-old woman claimed she was raped in the Real World house sometime during the night of November 14, 2003 by an acquaintance of Real World cast member Randy Barry, identified in local reports as “Justin”, who was staying at the house as a guest.

Although such negative situations can come from The Real World, many people from La Jolla are taking a more positive outlook from the shows airing. As the new 2011 Real World San Diego airs, La Jolla will get plenty of tourists that are dying to come play at their beautiful beaches. Who wouldn’t want to come see Windansea Beach and check out the multimillion dollar house that the cast lived in? Others in La Jolla agree that this is MTV’s chance to prove that they can have a positive impact in San Diego and put the old Real World San Diego 2003 series behind them.

The show is airing this week which means the cast members will be moving out of their beautiful La Jolla residence sometime in the end of September or early August. The San Diego movers Titan Movers are excited to see the condition of the house after the MTV cast moves out. They will eagerly be documenting the move to show La Jolla residents and viewers around the world what its like to do a celebrity move. Titan Movers is a local San Diego moving company that specializes in moving expensive residences and businesses at a low cost flat rate price.


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