San Diego public figure AceNichols33 is known for stalking The Real World San Diego cast at their La Jolla residence. Ace describes herself as a YouTube Vlogger, Interweb Junkie, Apple/Mac Lover, Dream Chaser, and Reality TV Addict on her Facebook page which can be clearly noted by watching any of her YouTube videos.

Ace has been staking The Real World Cast by driving by in her car. She has also filmed footage of the San Diego Real World house in La Jolla while walking her dog. Actually she is escorted by a friend so that she can focus on filming Real World Stars like 19 year old San Diego native Priscilla Mendez.

The Real World San Diego house in La Jolla has been taken over by stalkers. The production staff complains about a lack of parking and traffic in front of the La Jolla residence that will be restored by Titan Movers at the end of the month.

Because Ace has been taking frequent visits to the La Jolla for filming purposes only she has been causing traffic all throughout La Jolla neighborhoods. She has been spotted by camera men and security sitting across the street from the house in her car for hours. Production is getting angry because she keeps taking their parking spots and causing traffic on the street! Users on replied to her video saying “I hope neither one of them quit their day job!” They were probably referring to her obnoxious version of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” which to many viewers astonishment was actually worse than Rebecca Black herself.

The Real World members moved into their renovated La Jolla mansion that was moved by San Diego Movers Titan Movers in early May when they started filming. Now the show will air next week on MTV and many San Diegans are worried about the repercussions of the show and San Diego and especially La Jolla’s pristine reputation.


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