Our San Diego Moving Company wants you to support San Diego's environment by supporting Move SD!

Everyday our San Diego Movers support the San Diego community with their moving needs. But when do we stop to look at the community and the impact we are making on the environment? Yes, Titan Movers is a licensed and insured company and we are also backed by the Better Business Bureau. But we want to be more than just a San Diego moving company by encouraging the San Diego community to support and donate to Move SD.

Move SD is a great initiative that will help support change for a better environment in San Diego. The mission of Move SD will supply better public transportation to all San Diego residents while reducing green house gases. Who doesn’t want a cleaner city to live in? Titan Movers recognizes that we contribute to the global problem of pollution. So we want to put our best foot forward in supporting this bill and we want our customers to know we care about the environment and community that we live in.

San Diego is an amazing place to live. So support your San Diego Moving Company by becoming a Facebook or Twitter fan of Move SD. Or make a donation today! For more information about the bill check out the summary of Senate Bil 375 which is known as Move San Diego.

Don’t forget that Titan Movers can be your reliable and safe San Diego Moving Company.

Give Titan Movers a call today at 619-414-5469!


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