The most common way people find local San Diego moving companies is online. Moving is a delicate process that require upmost care for your valuables, but the truth is that accidents happen, even with the most experienced moving companies. When choosing your next moving company, take the time to ask for their moving licence number issued by the California Public Utilities Commission. Having a license will confirm that your San Diego mover is registered and insured, and that they provide proper coverage and compensation for their employees in case injury happens in your house.

Many companies are uninsured. They can operate below the radar and charge much less, however when your valuables are at stake do you really want someone who isn’t properly covered?

What you can expect from a licensed moving company like Titan:

  • Workers compensation insurance. It is imperative, to guard you from lawsuits and legal hassles, that your San Diego  mover have worker’s compensation insurance. We provide our movers with full coverage for any injury that takes place on the moving site.  If something happens to a mover you will not be charged for his medical bills.
  • $1000000 of damage control. If something happens to one of your valuables on the job, our premium insurance will cover you  in case something goes wrong.
  • Your cargo is insured for up to $20000 during transportation. New Plasma TV? Piano? Expensive kitchenware? Titan has you covered! Your cargo is protected and covered by our cargo insurance.
  • Fixed prices, free packing materials. Licensed Movers are not allowed to change the rate during the move, and to charge for wrapping materials. An un-licensed moving company could charge up to $300 for 4 shrink wrap rolls and $150 for 10 rolls of tape.
  • We mean serious business. We pay thousands of dollars every year to comply with state regulations. Unlicensed movers operate in a black market and may disappear with your belongings.

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