Titan movers are licensed, insured, and have years of experience under their belt. We have always worked within the law and expect others to.  The fact of the matter is however that the cost of a California mover is much more expensive than the cost of a mover in Arizona, where relocation experts are unregulated and can trade freely with the public. There are many more states where residents are free to help someone move from one house to another without owing thousands of dollars to state authorities and private insurance companies. The list includes:

Moving licenses restrictions are driving prices up!

San Diego movers are swamped with regulation and licensing restrictions, driving prices sky high!

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Nebraska
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • and even Washington D.C. (the source of many of our laws) is unregulated

In the states mentioned above, customers pay much less to move ($35/hour > Arizona), and they are getting superior service. How can you tell they are getting superior service? Just look at their craigslist search query for movers. You can hardly find someone offering moving services (Craigslist is often is where small-time movers operate). That is because quality insured moving companies are forced to reduce their prices and cheaper, small-time movers can no longer compete, and the one’s who can are good quality that offer great service for the price paid.

We have all heard horror stories backed by large, nation-wide moving companies that demonize small-time movers as irresponsible, unexperienced klutzes that will ruin your belongings. This is partially true, that is why you should pick a company with a reputation like Titan, or another respected mover.  However, a majority of unlicensed movers simply do not want to pay the huge fees to meet government compliance. A majority of these movers are quality experienced movers who want to brake away from larger companies who are overcharging customers. It is a shame that in California, the place with some of the most regulation and highest licensing fees, still have moving horror stories taking place. In our opinion it is because higher prices are luring criminals who are willing to test the law into the moving business.

The regulation California places on moving companies is atrocious. We were shocked to receive over a thousand pages of paperwork when we first applied. We had to put up thousands of dollars in insurance and licensing fees before we even started to make a penny helping people cheaply and affordably relocate. These prices get passed on to the San Deigo consumer looking for a mover. Regulation scares people away from doing the right thing. The government fines any successful moving companies that work well but can’t pay their exuberant licensing and insurance requirements, and all that are left are big moving companies that survive by price gouging. Some of these quality but unlicensed movers can’t power through the thousands of pages of regulation because often times they might not have gone to college and are not scholastically oriented. These regulations are made to keep those understand them in charge, but wouldn’t you rather pay someone less who is a good mover that you have built a relationship with than pay someone more because they can read lines of regulation? Well, in a the deregulated state like those above, customers have a choice.

These are just the ideas of a small time San Diego moving company and we are not sure if anyone will even read or identify with our concerns. Please comment if you agree, would like us to write more about this subject, or have an opposing point.


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