Ivory San Diego piano keys

Our San Diego Piano movers will make sure your next Piano move goes smoothly.

Our Piano moving prices are the lowest in town!

Upright Piano: 3 movers – $75/hour
Grand Piano: 4 movers – $100/hour
Titan’s San Diego Piano moving service are as good as any others, but at a fraction of the price! It is highly recommended that if you need to move a piano, you have professional help available. For something as delicate as a musical instrument, asking friends for help may put one in an akward position if something goes wrong. Titan takes very clear steps when moving pianos, we are very cautious not to harm your instrument bet we make sure that it is placed in its new location with the utmost care.
Our workers will use gloves to make sure that moisture does not harm the paint and varnish and to protect their hands from the heavy pressure or sharp edges of your piano. We are equipped with heavy duty dollies that are specially equipped to handle pianos and we make sure we properly wrap your piano in order to protect it from any encounters with other objects it might endure during the move. Many San Diego Piano movers fail to protect your piano. 

Firstly, we make sure that your piano is easily accessible. We move away all objects in the path of the movers and we clear the floor for any objects that might get in the way. We also make sure the new location of the piano is prepared for its relocation.

The piano itself must be locked, so any moving parts are not yanked this way or that, and so that any pieces of the instrument do not fall out of place and change the tuning.

We position our piano movers on each end if we are moving an upright piano. We are skilled enough to move upright piano’s with three people with our equipment. We make sure we move the piano endways, NOT sideways. Our movers are accustomed to moving heavy objects, and do so with the right technique to avoid injury. We make sure to not strain the legs of the piano and lift it totally off the ground if we are going over carpet or other rough surface.

Give us a call to move your Piano TODAY! Our number is at the top of this website…


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