I was looking for some good ways to promote Titan Moving online and came across this nasty little post by someone who has something against San Diego. While the person may of had some good points, they were TOTALLY unfair to our home city:

San Diego is a very expensive place to live, unless you have a high paying job. Apartments and houses are hard to find west of I 5. Also, it’s cooler with more dampness and ocean breezes. East County is more affordable but you’re looking at warmer temperatures and drier air. North County is too pricey and takes too long to commute. South County has some areas of affordability, but you’re looking at more crime the closer you get to the border. Most of the people are unfriendly and wary of strangers. The people think you’re weird if you say good morning to them. They don’t bother to hold a door open for you if you’re behind them, and if you hold a door for someone behind you, that person doesn’t bother to say thank you. Manners have gone out the window. We moved away in June and have no regrets. We wanted a normal life again.

— BEVERLY  http://www.city-data.com/forum/san-diego/746-moving-san-diego.html

When people move to San Diego they seek sunshine, a laid back attitude, job opportunities and convenience. Prices may be higher, but living in terrible winter weather on the East Coast is not worth the hundred dollars less a month you might pay in rent. East county does get hot in summer, but it has beautiful views of the mountains and valleys and has unbeatable weather in the winter months when many other places are covered in snow.

Commuting in San Diego is not as it seems. San Diego is spread out.. it is not centralized into one downtown area like Chicago, or New York. People move to Chula Vista, Encinitas, La Jolla, or Pacific Beach and then commute to another suburb. It is not as common for people to work downtown in San Diego as in other larger cities.

While rush hour traffic may get bad, it is not as bad as Los Angeles or other congested cities. People are not unfriendly here (especially if you speak Spanish and can get to know the beautiful people in the San Diego hispanic community).

One thing is true however in the post above… San Diegans do NOT know how to drive in the rain. Maybe because it never rains here!


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