Want to hear something really scary? Just ask your friends to relay their personal house moving disasters. It seems like everyone who’s ever moved has a horror story to tell. Here are a few that may prompt you to crawl back into bed and pull the blankets up over your head – that is, IF your moving company delivered your bed to the right house.

    Top Three House Moving Disasters

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – This is a common story where a pleasant, professional salesperson seals the deal with a smooth-talking presentation. The salesperson is so friendly and so nice – what could possibly go wrong? Here’s what: the moving truck arrives with a crew of unkempt workers who lack social and moving skills. When you complain to the original salesman, he blames you for the damage.
  • The Island of Lost Items – In this story, the move progresses just fine: the truck arrives on time, the crew is terrific, the items are packed securely, and the truck leaves as scheduled – never to be seen again.
  • Cursed – This is one of those house moving disasters that can make you feel as though you have been cursed as one thing after another goes wrong. First, the moving company calls to say the driver is running behind schedule. When the crew finally arrives, they track mud through your house, crank up the music, and rush about. When your items are delivered, you open the boxes to discover broken items, dinged furniture, and smelly fast food wrappers. What’s worse, you can’t find your favorite figurine – the one your late aunt gave you before she died. As you realize that you are cursed, you also realize a simple truth: You should have called Titan Moving.

Want a starring role in a house moving disaster story? Hire the first low-budget moving company you find. Want to avoid these heartbreaking stories altogether? Call Titan Moving.


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