When it comes to moving services, not all moving companies are alike. In fact, Titan Moving likes it that way as it continues to set itself apart from the competition. One way that Titan Moving has distinguished itself is by providing exceptional customer service at reasonable rates. We see every aspect of moving as an opportunity to impress our customers.

Moving Supplies
One of the first steps of the moving process involves packing your home’s items such as dishes, glasses, silverware, clothing, curios, books, and so forth. Many moving services hand you a checklist and leave you on your own. Not us. We carry a complete line of high quality packing supplies including boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and shrink wrap at discounted rates. In fact, you’ll pay less for these supplies from us than you would at the local discount store. This saves you money and the hassle of shopping around for inexpensive moving supplies. We’ll even chip in and help pack the items if you need us to.

Office Moves
As business professionals ourselves, we are intimately aware of the unique concerns business owners have when moving from one office to another. Safety and security are among the many concerns surrounding office moves as is the minimization of disruption. Titan Moving has invested in carts, containers, lifts, and other office moving equipment to ensure timely, well-organized office relocations.

Upfront Pricing
Vague estimates can lead to unpleasant surprises when the final bill arrives. Titan Moving takes a different pricing approach than other moving companies. Rather than billing by weight, we bill by the hour and provide you with an upfront price. Click here to get your moving estimate.

Local and Long Distance Moves
We’re based in San Diego and specialize in local moves within the county. However, we love California and don’t mind moving households to or from other California communities. It is our pleasure to provide the same exceptional service throughout our beautiful state. You’ll rest easy knowing that your belongings are in capable hands for both local and long distance moves.


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