La Jolla, California is a spectacular place to live or work. However, moving to or from the community isn’t as easy as it is when moving to most San Diego neighborhoods. With its narrow, winding roads and limited street parking, La Jolla movers need to be skilled truck drivers capable of navigating the streets and parking the moving van. Once the movers have arrived, another challenge awaits: loading or unloading highly valuable contents.

With average home prices in excess of $2 million, La Jolla is one of the most expensive communities in the nation. In fact, Coldwell Banker’s annual home price index has listed La Jolla as the most expensive housing market in the United States for 2008 and 2009.

As an extremely exclusive community, homeowners in the area tend to furnish their homes in style. Museum quality artwork is the norm, not the exception. When it comes to moving these belongings, only the most reliable and conscientious La Jolla movers will do. Not only must the movers pack and transport irreplaceable paintings, vases, sculptures, tapestries, and other fine art, they must also move antiques, ornate furnishings, high end electronics, musical instruments, and other bulky items.

Because of the high value associated with the belongings of La Jolla homes and businesses, La Jolla movers must be reliable, careful, professional, and insured. Look for a moving company that has earned the respect and trust from other La Jolla property owners and follow up on all references. Check to see if the company is in good standing with the local chapter of the Better Business Bureau (Titan Moving is BBB certified!).

It’s also smart to ask the movers about insurance coverage, limits, and exclusions. Most likely, supplemental insurance will be needed due to the value and nature of the items being moved. The moving company may be able to provide additional insurance coverage or a supplemental policy may be needed from a third party insurance company.


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