If you’re moving to or from Coronado, California, finding Coronado movers skilled in handling high-end belongings like artwork, antiques, intricate furnishings, and pianos is a must. This is one case where cutting corners is the worst possible idea. While insurance policies may pay for damage to items in transit, the risk of ruining irreplaceable items and the hassle of repairing damaged goods is simply not worth taking. Whether you’re moving across the island or across the country, take the time to thoroughly research Coronado movers before going with the company that offers the lowest price.

    What to Look for in a Coronado Moving Company
    You’ve spent a lifetime, and a small fortune, accumulating your possessions, so spend some time carefully considering who you will allow to package and transport them. Look for a moving company that:

  • Is experienced in moving contents like yours. If you’re concerned about moving a grand piano, ask the moving company if it has experience moving grand pianos. Ask about the process and what protective measures are taken to ensure that your piano is treated with care.
  • Is committed to providing exceptional service. View Coronado movers’ websites, interview different local movers, and ask for (and call) references.
  • Is able to explain what type of insurance coverage is included in the moving service. Because of the value of your fine art and other items, you may need to purchase additional moving insurance. A reputable mover will be able to clearly explain what’s covered and what’s not. If you need additional coverage, you may be able to purchase “goods in transit” insurance from the moving company or through your homeowners insurance agency.

Moving belongings always brings with it some degree of risk as moving accidents can and do happen. You can minimize that risk by carefully choosing an experienced, committed local mover.


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