Whether you’re moving to or from an Encinitas bungalow, a custom home on a bluff, or an office building, you have a few decisions to make about your move. Will you do the job on your own or will you hire Encinitas movers to do the job professionally? How will you pack your surfboards, windsurfing gear, widescreen TVs, and computer equipment so that damage is minimized?

While budget-conscious Encinitas residents and business owners head down to the local van rental company and pack their belongings on their own, others prefer hiring professional Encinitas movers for greater peace of mind. Relocating is stressful enough as it is without worrying about your belongings being damaged during the move.

One of the biggest challenges that moving companies and property owners face with Encinitas moves is packing bulky and fragile items. Extreme care must be used to protect and transport these items. Even if the move is local, these belongings must be protected using the same protective materials and packing techniques as if they were being transported across the country.

Custom homes in Encinitas are typically furnished with large, high quality furnishings. This higher quality furniture tends to be heavier than pieces found in households located in less expensive communities due to materials (such as solid wood) and construction techniques. For example, solid wood armoires are much heavier than dressers with wood veneer. The same is true of high-end pool tables, bar sets, dining room tables, bedroom sets, and so on.

As you’re planning your move, realize that many Encinitas movers charge based on the weight of your belongings. If you have heavy belongings such as solid wood furnishings, ask about alternative pricing methods such as hourly rates. Titan Moving can give you a free estimate for hourly rates on your move.


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