Moving to or from San Diego’s exclusive Rancho Santa Fe community requires extensive pre-move planning to ensure the smoothest move possible. First, it’s extremely important to hire experienced Rancho Santa Fe movers with a solid reputation for professionalism and care. After all, Rancho Santa Fe homes are filled with cherished and hard-to-replace belongings such as fine art, antiques, hand-carved furniture, tapestries, heirlooms, grand pianos, and high-end electronics.

In fact, Rancho Santa Fe movers recommend that some of these items be crated before moving day while others, such as grand pianos and pool tables, may require special packaging and handling. In addition, if the home has a large satellite dish that must be transported, it will need to be dismantled and crated beforehand.

Large rugs should be either left on the floor for the movers to handle after loading the rest of the home’s belongings or professionally cleaned in advance. Professional cleaning of area rugs delivers two key benefits: your rugs will be clean and ready for your new home and the cleaner will roll and wrap the area rugs (which is ideal for transporting during the move).

If it is necessary to transport firearms, fine jewelry, cash, important papers, and valuable coin or stamp collections, speak with the Rancho Santa Fe movers handling the shipment to find out if these items can be transported safely or if other arrangements need to be made. Supplemental insurance for valuables and irreplaceable items is highly recommended to anyone moving to or from Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Finding a reputable Rancho Santa Fe moving company to pack, transport, and unpack the home’s contents is a must. This isn’t the time to shop for the best bargain, but rather to find the most capable professionals in the business. Titan Moving Company is BBB certified and can give you a free moving estimate.


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